Zelf integrates external wallets

Decentralized finance has allowed the emergence of new ways of conceiving financial gains, expenditures and investments. Among the most promising assets for investors, NFTs are gaining more and more attention. In this context, Zelf proposes to facilitate exposure to this class of digital assets, to make it accessible to everyone. After successfully closing its funding round, the company is back with some equally exciting news. Crypto banks should beware.

Zelf and its services: short reminder

Zelf is a neo-bank that offers financial services related to digital assets in the field of gaming and cryptos. Specifically, it facilitates the buying and selling of NFT from popular messaging services such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Discord. This is to reduce the difficulty of getting started and the technical constraints generally encountered by new cryptocurrency users.

Thus, Zelf users can easily and quickly open a bank account without having to download an application or install extensions. In addition to the bank account, Zelf users receive an instant virtual debit card that can be used online and offline with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Zelf and its successful fundraising campaign

The fintech kicked off its fundraising campaign with accredited investors in August. Its purpose is to finance the development of new services, the retention of new customers and the recruitment of qualified senior executives for business development. This round of financing will also allow the neo-bank to register a revised valuation which should exceed the initial valuation by 4 times.

At the start of the campaign, Zelf had promised support for external wallets. On September 1, the company kept its word.


Zelf at the heart of innovation

Since September, zelfers can connect their MetaMask and Phantom wallets to their Zelf bank account. This feature was much needed due to Zelf’s popularity with crypto natives who prefer to use their existing wallets for NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Our original ZELF custodian wallet solution was perfect for crypto novices. Its crypto technology provided security and simplicity. But as more crypto-savvy customers joined ZELF, we received more and more requests to connect existing non-custodial wallets and that’s exactly what we did.“, told us the team behind the project.

This integration will allow Zelf customers to:

  • “knock” their existing NFTs into Apple Watch faces;
  • add their NFTs to their wallets in Apple and Google as passes for convenience;
  • link their external wallet to Zelf, reference the NFTs appearing there on the platform in order to receive offers and payments on their account or their Zelf card.

That said, it is also an opportunity for Zelf to conquer a new panel of users and, more broadly, to continue its development.

NFTs are a booming field and interest in them continues to grow over time. In addition, the companies that will survive in this ecosystem will be those that know how to renew themselves, but also, and above all, get as close as possible to the general public by offering offers adapted to their needs and accessible. By integrating the support of non-native wallets, Zelf crosses the limits and democratizes its solution. The startup also shows its ability to evolve gradually in order to achieve its goals. A significant asset to position yourself in the long term among the leaders of the NFT market.

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